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I haven't worked that hard in a while.


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1 hour ago, Rattlecan said:

Adding a room so our mom can move in with them. The door to the new room is going right where the fireplace was.

The chimney has to come down before the part of the fireplace that's behind the wall can come out. That will be a project for another day. (or two)

Still waiting for building permits before things can go much further.

If I had known that the chimney running through the middle of my house wasn't going to be used anymore I'd have paid to have it removed when my house was rebuilt after the fire.  The new furnace and hot water heater are so efficient they have to be run out the side of the house because their exhausts are not very warm and water vapor would condense and drop back down into them if they traveled up the chimney.

It was originally (1948) near the middle of the house because there was a pot-bellied wood stove that provided heat for the house.  Now the chimney occupies space that would be a good closet in the kitchen and up through one of the two 2nd floor bedrooms.  It also takes up space in the basement.

If I ever get around to doing it, I'd consider doing it myself except for the roof - I'd pay someone to remove the 2nd floor and through the roof chimney and repair the roof.  The rest I could do myself, including the 1st and 2nd floor hole in the floors.

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