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Waffle is displaying some bad manners


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Last night, we let him in for dinner.  We were still eatind dinner.  He had food in his own bowl.  He jumped up on the kitchen table.  I said "No!"  Then, I put him down.  He didn't do it again for the remainder of the evening.  He had his own food, so maybe this was just an attention thing.  HODH thought he wanted our dinner more than his own.  

When he claws the furniture and jumps on furniture he is not allowed on, I just saw NO, and gently correct.  I try making a click sound when he does what I want him to do.  I need better treat rewards for positive reinforcement.  I read that cats can be trained.  

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My cats have each had very different personalities  and different responses.  I don't recall ever training them, but I have been able to distract them.  One of my cats liked to scratch the furniture, but stopped once I got a cat scratch pad.  One of my cats liked to scratch vertically (couches) and another horizontally (rugs), so I'd get a scratch pad or cat tree that accommodated their preference.

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