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Okay, fine. You win.


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5 hours ago, donkpow said:

I bought another 100# bag of Lay's potato chips. I'm drawing the line with the 5 gallon bucket of Imitation French Onion dip.  No more of that stuff.

What's a "French onion", anyway? Also, how and why would you want to imitate one?

It's apparently the same onion they use in French Onion Soup.  I was on top of Montmartre, the big hill in Paris, to see the Sacre Coeur church and the artists village.  There was a little restaurant there where, of course, I had to order French onion soup as the first course.  I wasn't any better than any other French onion soup I've tasted.

I've had a few different French onion dips.  They were all ok but nothing special.

I think it's called "French Onion" as in "Onion prepared in the French way," just like French Fries, which were invented in Belgium but fried in the French way.

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