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Where's Waldo?


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20 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

Or in this case, @shootingstar, because she is probably in this picture somewhere



What day was this photo shot by you? :) 

Yes, the snow and ice has melted alot these last few days.  Well, for now. You were up on McHugh's Bluff.  I bike up to the bluff for the view in non-snow seasons. It's a great view at different times of year. You would have seen the red cylindrical Peace Bridge. I would have been beyond that architectural signature bridge.

It also a vantage point if fireworks are released. But that's a different direction on a different hill top closer to the Saddledome.

But one can walk up via Sunnyside /Kensington older neighbourhood which those neighbourhoods are older-nice and more interesting. 


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Locals like to spend evenings, watching sunset. Also the walking trails below and staircase are used by joggers to get a good workout while having a terrific city view but still see trees. On a clear day, one can see Rocky Mountain ridge from downtown Calgary...to the right, which is west.



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13 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

If you folks, need recommendation for places to eat or just passing through..

We were just passing through to the airport.  Took a short detour as my son's gf had never seen Calgary before

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Occasionally in middle of night  (ie. even midnight or 2:30 am), I swear there must be a local police helicopter flying low enough ,one can hear the buzz.  It's probably flying over open river water, to avoid highrise crashes... 

Our local police do have a helicopter (or more?).  I know it was deployed during our $1 billion damaging river flood a few yrs. ago. There was video footage taken from above by the local police. It was publicly released.

And the airborne craft is lingering long enough at night.  The bigger passenger planes that go to and from airport, are flying much higher and one can't hear them from ground level.  However I don't see regular large planes fly over our area often, their flight paths are  somewhere else over the city.  I see such planes flying often in a totally different part of the city when I cycle through the park system northward.


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34 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

If you zoom in they were visible this afternoon 



Great photo, giving the weather conditions, Zephyr.

Yes, approx. 100 km. northwest. :D  I always find it amusing how long-time Calgarians, like to embrace the mountains are part of "them", as "theirs".  But they are far away!  It's not as if it's an easy bike ride for lunch time.  (Yea sure, where? At a gas station, like what Kirby would do for food.) I have biked on 2 different trips with dearie, from Banff to downtown Canada.  Yup, along speedy TransCAnada highway, with cars going by @110 km/hr. beside or probably more. This is not a ride in the park, because of possible winds and praying no one is texting while driving.

I'm certain your mountain views from home on island, are closer.

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