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So, I had a minor episode yesterday.


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And I'm still in ICU right now, waiting for an MRI at 4 pm.


I thought it was a migraine until I was unable to read aloud while reviewing the journalism final with students.  I called the school nurse, and she brought me to the ER.  A big dose of tPA and I'm feeling like myself again. No lasting effects, meaning any brain tissue damage has been minimal. 


The neurologists are skeptical it was a stroke.  The only distinugishing feature, different from migraine, is some visual blocking.  I don't have any of the health markers that would contribute to stroke...clear echo cardiogram, cholesterol is ok...MRI will tell. 


Peace be the last day of the semester!  I started my winter break with an ICU stay.  :)

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I pushed the classroom call button.  I could still speak aloud and carry on conversations; I just couldn't express while reading. 


The neurologists believe the clot was very small and very localized to result in that specific kind of "expressive aphasia".

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