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Hey Jerry…


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Hey @JerrySTL.   This is an Air Force uniform right?  There is some question on my deceased BIL’s military service and some think he was in the Army but that hat badge looks Air Force to me. But I’m also confused by the khaki and not blue uniform.  Maybe they wore khaki back then.  But it’s the hat badge that makes me think AF.

He would have served in the early 1950’s.  What say you?


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Probably is USAF. There was a khaki uniform called 1505s until the mid-70s. I was even issued them.

If it was closer to 1947 when the USAF separated from the Army, there was a period of time when the old Army uniforms were still worn. It took a few years for the USAF to fully change over. Even some of the ranks stayed the same for a while.

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So my attorney sister accompanied my widower sister and her husbands kids to the mortuary.  My BIL never really discussed his time in the military.  They are talking about a veterans service and they are not sure which branch.  

My attorney sister sends me that picture and I say Air Force (I honestly thought he told me Army decades ago..). Anyway my widower sister who has a daughter from her first marriage says have a Marine service, their uniforms are better… Ahh no, dude was Air Force, why would he want Jarheads at his service…

Anyway with all that my widower sister has to deal with now they are trying to figure out which branch of service should do the service…. They are trying to find his DD 214 to confirm.

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7 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Relatives can request a DD Form 214 which will tell about his military service. Actually it might be long enough that anyone can request it.

Yeah the mortuary is facilitating the request for them.

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