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When you vomit in the toilet


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9 hours ago, ChrisL said:

IDGAF if it’s up or down. If I’m going to blow chunks I just want to make it to the toilet…

THIS fer sure.  No thinking involved.  It’s been many many years since I’ve had to worry about this.

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So I have this weird thing when my allergies are acting up.  I get bad post nasal drip and some mornings I wake up with a bad upset stomach and I know I will most likely puke if I gag on the drainage.  Gross, right?  Anyway, as soon as I gag, the puke is soon to follow.  Most times I have time to get to the toilet, raise the seat and wait, but sometimes it is all I can do to get to the bathroom.  Happens a few times a year, during bad allergy season.

Another weird thing is toothpaste.  If I swallow toothpaste, I puke.   Sadly, my Cub Scouts did not know this and as a joke, iced a cup cake with toothpaste for my birthday.  I think they felt bad after.  I hope they did at least.  Maybe watching your Cubmaster puke should be a new merit badge?  Oh, and there was no toilet seat on the trash can, so I just puked.

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21 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Maybe 20 years ago?  Toilets are cleaned daily so probably up if i think of it.

How come nobody throws down?  I suppose it comes up first, but then down, so technically I can see it.


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Toilet seat up.   That's way better than the lid being closed.   The lids are always down here... we have had dogs for decades.  

The toilet seats here gets cleaned, along with the rest of the toilets on a regular basis.

If recall... the last time I blew chucks was in 2016 when I just started getting sick from pancreatitis.    

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