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I hate buying from small stores on the Internet that require you to download some software to track the package.  I only buy from such stores if I change charge it through PayPal because of the fraud protection.

I recently ordered two 16 TB SSD USB Hard Drives for the unbelievable low price of $69.90 each from Wrapango.com. (I'll do a review if they're good after they arrive, hopefully this week) and the Capital One Shopping Online Tool I have running on my browser found a $27.96 instant online coupon, so I paid $111.84 total with free shipping.  They have some bad reviews for other products, but ok ones for the SSD (very fast, solid state: no spinning disks!) drives, so I took a chance on what will be more than enough storage space for movies, chess stuff, etc. stuff for years.  My current 4 and 5 TB USB HDD hard drives can be my 2nd backups of important stuff.

They have a download the software tracking tool, but their site has a good enough tracker for me:


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