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What are the calmest dogs?


What are the calmest dogs?  

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  1. 1. I'm sure I have the 4 top choices here.

    • Border Collie
    • Airedale Terror (oops Terrier)
    • Siberian Husky
    • Australian Shepherd

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Both of our dogs are very calm after a 1 1/2 to 2 mile walk.   They sleep for a long time after that.  

Apparently one of our dogs is a dog breed that is typically VERY hyper.  

It helps that our Jack Russel (Parker) is 15 years old.   We rescued him 3 years ago.  I did a bit of research before he came to live with us.  The breed is the FAST (in 5th place for the fasted dogs at 38 mph) and when they pick up a scent they like... they will follow it for a LONG time.  When they are younger they are VERY hyper too.  They tend not get along with other dogs very well.   But... we still adopted him.  I was up for the challenge. 

About 2 1/2 years ago WoBG took Parker outside with no leash.   Parker started to track a scent, and he was gone.  He started running following the scent.  She chased after him for a while.  He finally stopped...  at a spot where there must have been a really great smell, and he just could not leave to move on.  WoBG caught him.  She gets back home.   I asked "Where have you been?"    'Chasing Parker and yelling to you for help.'   I was in the garage cleaning something, and never heard anything.   

Parker (and our Beagle) they tend to run off and follow scents too) have been on a leash EVERY time they go outside after that day. 

Yeah this small dog is FAST.   He a 18 pounds of muscle. 


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A childhood friend had a big Saint Bernard dog named "Yank."

I never seem like it wanted to move or get thrilled upset about anything.

My friend called it "Stupid" so often, that was the name to which he responded!

At the time, I had a great long-legged beagle named Scout who wasn't really calm, but he could act like a shepherd.

He knew when the Elementary School bus would arrive in the afternoon and drop off the kids from our block across the street from our house.

Then he walked then home and prodded the kids back on the sidewalk if they stepped into the street.  He was very solemn and attentive!

The parents really liked having him guard their kids home!

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