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When your fridge is about to take a dump..


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11 hours ago, smudge said:

It smells inside the fridge. Even the ice tastes weird 

That seems weird to me.  

First thing I would do would get a cheap refrigerator thermometer and see what temps the refrigerator was operating at.  If it is holding the proper temps in the fridge and freezer, it probably is not on its way out.  I'd definitely do the deeper clean - inside and out.  Vacuum the coils and the area under & behind the fridge.  Inside, I'd use simple dish soap to wipe everything down, and while working on each shelf, check and toss anything that is out of date or suspicious.  Dump the ice tray and start new with ice. Basically, see where that leads before replacing the fridge.

Separately, the ice machine may have a "cleaning procedure" you can follow.

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