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Yahoo!Finance Deleted My Comment on CPI Indexes


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The news media is reporting that the CPI december inflation is down 0.1%.

I asked in a Yahoo comment why it's being reported as 0.1% when the numbers show 0.3% - Yahoo deleted it.

But the CPI's pdf file for December shows the Nov. and Dec. indexes as 297.711 and 296.797, respectively.

To calculate the percent change, it's (296.797 - 297.711)/297.711 x 100% = -0.31%

That makes December 0.31% lower than November, so why is everyone in the news and at the Bureau of Labor Statistics saying it's down 0.1%?

Looking deeper, It turns out the CPI is issuing the Unadjusted indexes, then telling us the "adjusted" calculations that come from different numbers they haven't released are down 0.1%.

The CPI numbers say the 12-month "unadjusted" inflation is 6.5% and that works out.

The year-over-year inflation, based on the 278.802 CPI Index for Dec. '21, works out to 6.454%, which does round to the reported 6.5%.

Also noteworthy is that the Unadjusted total inflation for the past 6 months is 1.001%, a 2.0% annual rate!

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