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2 suppers: empty stomach next morning: weird


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Yesterday after work I had a sesame bagel :) with butter and small coffee.  That was 4:30 pm. Wasn't really supper. But a snack, rare for me to have one this big.

Then spontaneous invite with friend for dinner at a Hungarian restaurant.  I couldn't turn her down. :flirtyeyess: They do terrific dishes with homemade spaeztel (that's not beans. Made from egg, flour through a spaetzel-maker).  It's chicken paprikash.  So had this bigger 2nd supper 2 hrs. later.  I consumed it all. :D  In a leisurely 2 hrs.

This morning, I overslept by 1 hr. accidentally. My stomach felt quite empty.  I can only put it to not having breakfast until 9:00 am (instead of 7:00 am).

It's strange. But I don't plan to do this volume of eating often!



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Been there.  Maybe the stomach juices get cranked up too much and ferment - or whatever they do - overnight.

I've also had the opposite reaction.  Yesterday I was in a hurry and just drank a 12 oz. can of V8 Juice for lunch around 11 am before heading out the door.  I thought I'd be starving by 5 pm, but didn't feel the need to cook some low-net-carb Dreamfield's Rotini until around 7.

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I've noticed myself that when I sleep enough and it's over 9-10+ hrs. between final dinner hr. and breakfast next day, my body will burn abit more. I wake up feeling flushed, as if a mild easy jog around the block. No, for a woman that's not a hot flash at all.  (I used to get mild ones. But no longer.)

  It's just me sleeping well (which I could do every single night).

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