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On Jan. 3rd I used the protection-safety of PayPal to order two 16 TB SSD (solid state: very fast) USB hard drives for the fantastic price of $69.99 ea. with free shipping plus the Capital One Shopping App I installed on my browser found a $27.96 coupon that was honored. $111.84 for two 16 TB SSD drives!  I can store and backup everything I've got: movies, chess instruction videos, workout videos, documents, etc. etc. on each one.

It's almost too good to be true, but I've been to China and know how incredibly low-priced things can be there.  I'll post a review and link if they prove to be any good, otherwise I'll use PayPal to get my money back.  Other Americans - or alleged Americans - have posted good ratings on the product's website.

It indicated that the shipment would take a week or more to get to me, so I wasn't too surprised to track its current location. I've been to Xian on the lower right of the map, the ancient capital with the Terra Cotta Warriors, etc.  I flew there on a flight from Chongqing, which is exactly 180° around the world from Baltimore.

I don't think it will be out for delivery this week!



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