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Low residue diet weirdness

Road Runner

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42 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

On my recent low residue diet instructions, I was forbidden to eat any sort of leafy salad but I was allowed to have salad dressing.  That would have sucked to have had a bowl of salad dressing without any salad in it.  :huh:

I assume this is for the colonoscopy prep and no more.  I'm overdue for one and will do it something this year.

Sorry the fiber had to go!  For diabetics, "net carbs" means carbs minus fiber so I've been going from virtually no fiber in my diet to as much as I can get: high fiber cereal, pasta, veggies, flour, 50% whole wheat pizza dough, etc. and I've now gotten a taste for multigrain bread over white bread, etc.

The Polish Stuffed Cabbage (Golabki) I'm making today will include Basmati Rice because, unique for rice, it has a low glycemic index and is fairly high in fiber.  Of course, the 3.7 lb head of cabbage I'm using to make 24-27 piggies, 8-9 meals worth is also high in fiber.

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