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Guess my perspectives not pushed enough: children


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Ok. I don't have children and so am not forced to push my own biases/perspectives.

Very true, it is my nieces and nephews who sorta "push" my perspective.  I just hope the young ones don't stumble onto fentanyl, etc. Every parent's nightmare, etc.

I say sorta pushed, because I don't consider a nephew playing competitive Ultimanum/frisbee, or my niece writing interracial rom-coms with some sex scenes, as particularily "radical" or off-beat.  Or my youngest nephew playing electric guitar super radical, though for my family it is different enough.

If any were to be involved in peaceful protest marches, well that type of action, not particularily a "pushing" my personal perspective to me. After all, I never started off /studied in a STEM discipline where jobs are guaranteed.  So yea, I can have more idealistic /artistic conversations with the young'uns.  I was there, once upon a time. 

For sure, I'm happy to discuss anything creative/artistic with them....it is part of me....for a very long time.

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