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Ya ever try Fireball ?


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38 minutes ago, Further said:

That cheap malt liquor they sell at the gas station cash registers ? 

Sucks huh ?

So, Kraken spiced rum is worse, I think, not re tasting to check. 

But if you can find it, try Kraken Black Roast.  I don't like Kraken but the DR is a coffee infused rum that makes a nice after dinner sip


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39 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

Real Fireball is a different, stronger formulation than the gas station stuff. But still not a pure whiskey, and kinda rough. 

Oh I would hit shots of that stuff— non-gas station make. I liked that cinnamon taste. Lower proof designed to warm the belly or chase down a beer. Haven’t thought about it in years.

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Haven't tried fireball.  In my neck of the woods, they've got a lot of gimmick beers that are awful, including one made with crab seasoning!  Someone brought it to a party and I don't think any of bottles were complete drank.

The primary reason beer is associated with crabs is that beer cleanses your palate by washing away the lingering taste of crab seasoning in your mouth, so beer with Old Bay puts it back and doesn't make sense.  But somehow this beer has been selling enough to keep going for at least a few years, in both typical beer/ale and wine alcohol concentrations.  Maybe it's those appealing names, "Flying Dog" and "Dead Rise!"

Is "Imperial Summer Ale" a real term or are they using "Imperial" to compare themselves to "Crab Imperial," the king of all local crab dishes, whose quality has been known to make or break the reputations of Chesapeake area restaurants?

Flying Dog Brewery Doubles Down on OLD BAY with the Creation ...

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To answer @MickinMD’s question, imperial refers to a beer with a higher abv, note that Dead Rise is a 9% brew, that may explain its popularity. Dead Rise refers to the boats of the Chesapeake Bay used for crabbing, oystering and such. British brewers, shipping barrels of beer to India found that increasing the grain bill and hops retarded spoilage on the long voyage. A result was higher alcohol and more hop bitterness which paired well with highly seasoned Indian dishes. When Catherine the Great visited Queen Victoria, she enjoyed English stout so much that she made it the official beverage of the Russian Court. The stout shipped to Russia received the same treatment as the India Pale Ale. Because it was destined for the royal court, the style was termed Imperial Russian Stout. Nowadays a beer with the imperial designation is just a beer on steroids.

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