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I feel like I could become an NHL fan: Kraken break road win streak record


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Sure.  It's the second season of the expansion Seattle team and we are winning.  But I think my interest toward the game started when I was -- of all things -- listing to the coach being interviewed on talk radio while I was in my car on a road trip.  It caught my attention because they had won 4 games on the road.  I thought that was notable. Now it's 7 -- an NHL record -- on the road.  I'm watching their Chicago Blackhawks replay and it's pretty fun.  They come home to play Tampa before turning around immediately to play Edmonton the next day.

I don't know.  There's a lot about the game I don't know.  I mean I understand offside and I think I know what icing is but I suppose that's what's exciting about it for me.  New game.  New rules. New strategies.  Oh and it's kinda cool learning on the Canadian city names ( @Wilbur ). :happyanim:


Also, if I'm to be totally honest besides the fast playing brutes checking and hammering players against the glass, I really like the Seattle team's name.  I love they chose the "Kraken".

Who else is a hockey fan here?  I know @BuffJim and @Prophet Zacharia are.  Who else?  

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It’s a great sport, but oh so frustrating. My team beat the Nashville Predators last night, who are known as a strong team with a great goaltender.
We have about 5 players scoring at a point a game clip (a goal or assist each count as a point), when we haven’t had one score at that rate in more than 15 years. Exciting times in Buffalo. 

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In my high school and college days, I used go to a lot of ice hockey games in the late 60's and early 70's.

We used to have a very popular Minor League Ice Hockey team called the Baltimore Clippers in the American Hockey League.  Back when today's Washington Wizards NBA team was the NBA's Baltimore Bullets, Bullets center Wes Unseld was asked what the 1st place Bullets had to do to sell out games in the old Civic Center.  He answered, "They should advertise them as Clippers games."

A bunch of us attended at least 10 Clippers games per season.  Then, some of the larger-city AHL teams joined a short-lived major league competitor to the NHL, the World Hockey Association, which merged into the NHL.  The Clippers didn't make the move, the players and competition dropped to a lower level, and the Clippers folded.

Years later, another minor league hockey team came along and the owners of the "Clippers" name refused to sell or rent it so it was called the "Skipjacks" which was stupid - keeping with a ship famous for being made in Baltimore but a much lower-quality ship than the Baltimore Clipper, a thing of local pride which ruled the China trade for a while in the 1800's due to its big speed advantage over other merchant ships.  The Skipjacks never caught on and moved away in 1993, initially becoming the Portland [Maine] Pirates.

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2 hours ago, MickinMD said:

The Skipjacks never caught on and moved away in 1993,

I used to go to the games while I was an undergrad at Hopkins. I graduated in 1993, so maybe no coincidence they left when I did. :D. Similarly, Theo DeGroen’s Baltimore Brewing Company  peaked while I was there, and has since departed! 

Mick, did you ever homebrew? Brewing information was the most useful thing I ever took away from my biochemistry courses.

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And to answer your question, I am a hockey fan, and still play 40 or 50 times a year, I don't really have a favorite team, I just line watching good hockey.  I prefer the world Jr tourney every Christmas to NHL hockey.  

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