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Instant Pot Burn Notice


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The Instant Pot senses when when its inner pot is getting hotter than normal, stops heating, and displays "burn" even though it's usually not burned food but is due to the way the pot is packed and how the heat has to travel up through a full pot to boil water at the bottom and reach pressure.

I made the mistake of putting too many of the extra leaves of cabbage, the big ones on the outside, at the bottom of the pot with too little water underneath them - partially insulating the pot above them, then piled thirty stuffed cabbage piggies on top in 3 layers with tomato sauce, onions and diced tomatoes and seasonings - a lot of material to condense the steam trying to rise.  So, three times I got the burn notice as the pot was heating up or beginning to steam.  Each time, I put a big, plastic spoon down the inside of the pot, lifted the bottom stuff a little and poured a little water in.  I guess it took 3x for the top layers to get hot enough so steam didn't condense and was created fast enough that the bottom of the pot didn't have to get extra hot.

The fourth time was the charm, but I ended up eating dinner a 7:45 pm instead of the soon after 6 pm I expected.  Still, they were fantastic tasting Golabkis, Polish Stuffed Cabbage and I don't think I damaged the cabbage wrappings much, so I'll be able to easily put several dinner's worth in Ziploc bags and freeze them.

Next time, most of the extra leaves will go on the top.


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