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Damar Hamlin

Road Runner

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I just saw on ESPN that Damar was released from the hospital on Wednesday and he visited the team at the team facility on Saturday.

There are reports that he will be in the Stadium today when the Bills play the Dolphins.  If he is, imagine how crazy that will be!.  The crowd is going to go nuts!  :)



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11 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

I heard there were rumors that he would lead the Bills out of the tunnel.

I'm no doctor, but I hope he doesn't run out as the teams usually do.  That might be pushing it...   But I guess they wouldn't let him do anything that might be harmful.    

Whatever.  I almost never watch the start of games, but today I will be tuned in!   :3685067_thumbsup:

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9 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Maybe Damar will be able to make it to the game next week.  Incredible excitement and drama will be at hand.  :)

And now next week's game will be between the Bills and the Bengals.  The same opponents who were playing when Damar got injured and nearly died.  I'm betting that one way or the other, he will be in Orchard Park for that game!  :)

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It's a great story.  

Emmy is a big Cincy fan.  But I am kinda pulling for the Bills a little over cincy.  I really like Allen.  And the Hamlin story is a good one. 

Imagine how cool it would be if Bills made it to superbowl and they let Hamlin dress and take a snap.  Just one single snap where the other team agrees not to hit him.  Just so he can say he played in the superbowl.  

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