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My Mom’s 90th Birthday


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3 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

80 people is quite large for a family reunion these days. What was the furthest distance a relative came from?

It is a landmark event for your mom's 90th.  

Four people came from New Jersey. One from Florida. Three from Missouri. Seven from Illinois. The party was about 10 miles from Cincinnati. 

Her birthday is actually on February 3rd, but we had it on a 3-day weekend so the out- of- town people could travel easier. 

Speaking of Cincinnati, good thing that the Bengals play tonight or there would have been fewer people. 

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That's wonderful - especially for your mom having such a long life!

Among my 14 aunts plus my mother, every one who smoked died in their 70's except one who staggered on in poor health to 82.  Unfortunately, my mother didn't quit smoking until 72 and died of lung cancer at 79.

All of them who didn't smoke lived to 90 or longer.  We had plans for the last one's 100th birthday but COVID took her in 2020 a few months before it.

It was similar with my 14 uncles and father, the smokers dying in their 60's and 70's, the nonsmokers living to 88.

I saw what was going on with my older relatives and that got me to motivate myself to quit smoking before my 45th birthday.  Supposedly 27 years without smoking makes it about 8x less likely I'll get lung cancer and I hope that keeps me lucky.

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