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rethink, replan vacation trip(s) this yr.


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Looks like any plans for a trip to Haida Gwai'i with a friend have to be postponed until another yr. She's trying to cope with a water damaged condo, due to a riser pipe that leaked into several other condos late last yr.  Given where islands are located, it's better shared cost-wise with her. Besides, she'll already booked another trip to Spain early Sept.  This part of British Columbia is best visited during non-rainy season. It is a temperate rainforest area.

Then another good friend on Vancouver Island is currently dealing heavily with care of her 96 yr. old mother... Last fall, her father died. So it's been tremendous on her and hubby. 


Haida-Gwaii | Super, Natural BC (hellobc.com)     Homepage - Go Haida Gwaii


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26 minutes ago, Airehead said:

What will you replace it with?  Plan something restful. 

I dunno. :huh: I don't quite count Toronto...because it's visiting family (but still good/fun), though it could include 2 different trips out of that city, for friends missed out last yr., due to their different sicknesses which were contagious.

OR, actually visit 2 other friends ... in my child/teen city where I grew up...same county where Rattlecan comes from.  Last time I was in that city, or on its edges was cycling with dearie from Toronto through the rain over 25 yrs. ago.

It was a 100+ km. ride and dangerous with continuous transport trucks running along. Dearie and I went to conservative Mennonite church service on Sunday. Women sit on 1 side of the church, etc.



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I'm going to stay home and go gambling.  I spend less money at the casino, I give money to the mob reservation, I don't have to figure out where I'm going, and ... oh BS.  I have to stay home because we have a sick cat with stage 4 kidney disease and we are giving it IV solutions weekly.  So staycation followed by another staycation this year.  Enjoy your time @shootingstar.  You have a nice problem to solve.

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