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Wo46 loves her cheese


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13 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Any sharp cheddar?

No sharp just a mild cheddar 

We have......

Mild Cheddar 







Pepper Jack


And that I looked in the refrigerator for all the different cheeses I also found Cottage Cheese and Cream Cheese.




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29 minutes ago, donkpow said:

Cheese is good for you in moderation. Except for the salt. Are all these the famous Wisconsin cheeses?

All but 3

2 are made within 10 miles of my house. 

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4 hours ago, BR46 said:

Normally we have 4 or 5 different types of cheese in the house.....today 9 different types of cheese 

And that  how it should be, especially considering what state you live in.  :)

Our daughter lives near Madison... we still have several kinds of cheese made locally in WI.

We go on a beer and cheese run to WI at least once a year.   There you have it... I did learn something going to college in WI.  :party:


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