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Awakened by garbage truck - I didn't put mine out!


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I did that "Ass/u/me something where it makes an Ass of U and Me."

My normal garbage collection day is early Monday morning - ours is collected once a week.  If its a holiday - they usually fall on Monday now - it's collected on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I noticed the U.S. stock markets are closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

So, naturally, I figured this was going to be another of many recent Mondays (like day after Christmas, New Year's) when my garbage was going to be collected on Tuesday instead of the Monday holiday.  I was wrong: I looked out the window this AM and saw the garbage truck driving away from my neighborhood.

Fortunately, the Health Department's notice a month or so ago to get lids on my trash and recycling bins resulted in 48 gal trash and 65 gal recycling bins, so I've got plenty of room to store it for a week and the cool weather should keep it from smelling funky.


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Our services are performed by one of the big commercial interests, not the local government. These guys get 6 holidays a year, what I call the "big six". I don't think gov't trash collectors have to go to work at all any more to get their checks. They get holiday pay full time, now.

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12 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Sadly our town, in fact, most of the area, does not recycle.

We do get two trash barrels, and living in a construction zone, I have access to a dumpster.

The only plastics we can recycle are 1 and 2. 5, PP, seems to be the most commonly used so it is sad to see it go into the trash. But there is no excuse atoll for not recycling glass, steel, and aluminum. 

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My area doesn’t have recycling either.  We keep large trash bags in our garage & fill them with plastic & aluminum.  When the bags start to pile up we take them to our recycling place & get between $30 & $40 for really very little effort. 

WOChrisL generally puts the cans out the night before and as we have private pick up we can’t always rely on them being a day behind due to a holiday.  More often than not they are same day, if not the cans stay out an extra day. 

Our trash company also provides the cans and gave us the option of one or two, medium or large cans. We have two medium sized cans which works for us 99% of the time but if we fill ours my neighbor let’s me use one of his as he rarely needs both of his.

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We seem to generate a lot of trash when the little one is here, otherwise we have a lot of capacity. The down side is there's cat litter in the bin & during the summer it starts to gain sentience pretty quickly, so the bin goes to the curb once/week.

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Our garbage is collected on Monday.  Then again a Monday holiday for collection would affect the entire week. 

I was almost certain they would be here early this morning.  I did check their web site to be 100% sure. 

They woke me up at 5:30 AM, collecting our garbage. 

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