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* Wordle for Tuesday 1/17/23 *

Road Runner

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Just now, jsharr said:

So you went to the store, bought a thong swimsuit, floated about in it and thought about adopting thongs as your new thing? 

That about covers it...like a thong only about covers it. :o

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5 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:




adopt (After many tries of nonsense…)

this.  sabot (close to jabot) and float (close to groat) came quickly.

By then I knew it started with A and ended with T and hand an O in the middle.  Sounded out lots of words, none of which worked.  Left and came back a few times.

Finally typed the A and adopt came soon after.  

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10 hours ago, Road Runner said:

The ADIEU people could get this in two if they don't go for ADORN or ADAPT first.  :) 

Also with non-ADIEU folks, some had already eliminated the R, but many didn't, yet no one went for ADORN.  A whole bunch of ADAPTs and ADOPTs but no ADORN.  Surprising to me, because I would have jumped on it as a possible solution and/or to test for the highly used letters O, R and N.  :huh:

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