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I Never Understood It

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...and don't think it has a place in government business at all, but this story is just plain STUPID.  Stupid on the level of "series of tubes" stupidity.

Abbott’s order mainly focuses on banning state employees from downloading or using TikTok on government-issued devices. But in the same order, the governor also called on state agencies to implement “network-based restrictions to prevent the use of TikTok on any personal device while it is located on agency property.”



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38 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

There's worries about TicTok being a security problem as it's Chinese owned.

I worked in places where we weren't allowed to bring in phones or even smart watches and step counters like Fitbits.

Yeah, I get the "security" bit - ie not allowing TikTok to be used on government issued phones. That seems a no-brainer with not just TikTok, but many apps of questionable honesty.

What I don't get is a college blocking it from being used on campus by students who are definitively NOT employees, do not have access to sensitive material, and are on their "own time" in general.  

It's a ridiculously slippery slope, but I think if it is successful (in the awfullest sense of the term), it will see widespread adoption across a swath of the country aimed at other website and ideas that a governor may not like.

The fixed link - here - states:

 Public universities across Texas are blocking access to TikTok on their Wi-Fi networks to comply with a state order that bans the video-sharing app on government-issued devices. 

On Tuesday, the University of Texas at Austin sent an email to students about the clampdown. “Today, the university blocked TikTok access on our networks. You are no longer able to access TikTok on any device if you are connected to the university via its wired or Wi-Fi networks,” the letter says. 


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What part of “Not on government property” don’t you understand?

You think private end-point devices are not a security risk because they are private?

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32 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

There are unconfirmed reports that Tik Tok is surreptitiously communicating with 'smart' gas stoves all across the country.  :runcirclsmiley:

I sense some sarcasm…

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