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Happy Lunar New Year of Rabbit- seen on trip


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It's on Jan. 22.  I'm just doing now 'cause just feel like it.

When we were in Kyoto, Japan at some temples, one could buy rabbit talisman. 

Reminds of me of a wierd fad as a kid in Ontario, where kids had dyed fur rabbit's foot on a keychain.  Looking back, who ever thought of that wierd toy fad for kids????:blink: I even remember feeling the fake? or real toe nail of the amputated rabbit foot.

The rabbit is featured in many centuries Asian legends..and apparently in AmerIndian mythologies. Moon rabbit - Wikipedia

It is also yes, a symbol of fertility.

A rabbit with white hair, can also be a symbol of longevity.


rabbit amulets.JPG


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2 hours ago, Parsnip Totin Jack said:

I’m planning to make pork and shrimp dumplings for the weekend. I might make some with chicken too. Owl stop at Super H on the way home tonight for supplies. 

You truly are a creative, curious chef (cook).  Were you like this as a teen?

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3 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

You truly are a creative, curious chef (cook).  Were you like this as a teen?

I wanted to learn as a teen. Growing up, my dad did all the cooking. He worked an office job and when he got home, he made dinner. Besides the regular fare, Dad was into Italian and Chinese cuisines. Growing up in a diverse metropolitan area helped. DC has people, food, and cultures from around the world. Good exposure to a lot of good food. 

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9 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Wow!  Those are different than traditional flag stamps! I wonder if they are "forever" stamps or just good during the year of the rabbit???


Forever stamps. The post office has a variety of stamps available by mail, although my local post office usually carries the current assortment. There is a "handling" fee for online purchases, so I try to get them from the post office.  I get the thank you stamps to use on my thank you notes, of course. :nodhead:

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