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No idea so many cougars

Prophet Zacharia

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I just checked the IPAORB (International Parody Association Official Rule Book) and it clearly states in chapter 96, subsection z, line 247 "Once a Parody is Scored, that score is official and cannot be changed, regardless of the ineptitude of the meter operator or other excuses that may be offered up by the scoring official in error"

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1 hour ago, Kzoo said:

We will disregard the fact that these women are other people's daughters................ And you get a 10.

And, perhaps, these women have daughters? I'd like to see if the apple falls far from the tree!  A cougar ought to have kids who are in their 20s or early 30s, correct?

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Our company has mostly younger employees. Not many cougars around. Yesterday I was taking a cart of iPads to the main floor as I left. The first elevator opened to 5 young, and at a cursory glance, very attractive women. I said I’ll take the next one. They insisted I would fit. I knew the cart wouldn’t. Too bad. They all seemed very nice! 
One time I was heading up with 6 young women from another floor. I knew one and we made a couple jokes. They were all giggling when the elevator opened to my boss waiting in the lobby. The look on his face when all these girls were smiling and waving goodbye to me was priceless!

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