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The Story of the Soup


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1 minute ago, Airehead said:

I thought I had veggie broth in the freezer. I did not. This made me feel disappointment.  Then I saw that I did have an almost full bag of veggie scraps in the freezer that even included a parsnip. This made me feel hopeful that the soup was saved. I brought the veggies upstairs, threw them in a pot with some water, and added a bay leaf, some fennel, garlic, and stuff like that. It smelled great in here. 

Owl bet! Parsnips make everything better. 

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I puréed in the raw cashews and sprinkled in the nutritional yeast, a bit of apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon.  I was delighted to find this soup was delicious. I felt a little foolish when I realized that I had forgotten to steam and add the bigger pieces of broccoli. After all, it is broccoli soup. Remedied that real quick.  

Now in the refrigerator until Tuesday night. Some croutons and roasted broccoli are the garnish. 


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7 hours ago, Airehead said:

Then I sautéed some carrots, onions, celery, a potato, some garlic, and a yellow pepper in olive oil. When that was done, I gleefully poured in the broth. This is a real picture after I added the first third of the broccoli.   This is cooking and will be puréed. 


I love soups that are thick without having to sip 50% broth along with the veggies!

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