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Are you the person that you want to be?


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I've been asked that question from time to time in work evaluations and job interviews and always replied something like, "I'm proud of my accomplishments but I'm always trying to improve as time goes on and feel that constructive criticism aimed at me is a good thing because it sends me down the right road."

That's true most of the time.  Like anyone else, sometimes I wish I had made better decisions or worked harder at key points in my life and there's a limit to the constructive criticism I want to hear at any point.

Overall, I'm where I want to be.



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4 hours ago, BuffJim said:

I feel the opposite of this. 

Here too. At a gathering with some of WoW’s friends last night. I was one of only 4 male spouses there. A few were complaining that their spouses never join the for events. I got put on a pedestal by them I don’t feel I deserve. 
Still a lot I’m working on. Probably like some of home improvement projects that never finish. 

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