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Should I brush and floss my teeth twice this morning?


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I have a 9:30 am dental cleaning and checkup.

The cleaning will be agonizing and I bought a few days worth of Chinese combos with nothing tough to chew because I won't be wanting to do any hard chewing near my sore gums.

As the gum growth from lack of flossing is scraped at and I grimace, my dentist will say - literally, I've know her since she was a dental assistant, "That's what you get for not flossing.  Floss your damn teeth, Mickey!"

Sometimes she hands me off to a cleaning specialist who will say, "Sorry," when I make a face but where my dentist uses manual tools, the specialist uses automated stuff that hurts even more.

I don't expect any cavities.  I'm 72 with all my teeth except wisdom, though with 5 crowns, one over a root canal.

My childless, late Uncle John was amazed that I had all my teeth in my 40's ("They put fluoride in the water now, Unk.") and would be astonished today if he was still walking the Earth at age 105.

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1 hour ago, MickinMD said:

The cleaning will be agonizing


I remember, back in the mid-90s, I would come home from a teeth cleaning and feel like I had been murdered.  I stopped going for a few years (I was in my 20s and dopey).  Anyway, when I started going again, I went to a new dentist.  First cleaning - no cavities and NO PAIN.  Been like that ever since - no pain with cleanings.  It really is all about the dentist and the hygienist.  I just got them done last week including a replacement filling. NO PAIN.  

Please ask around and find a better (gentler) dentist and hygienist.

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