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Sunday grocery trip


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I had the weekly run to do.  As I am slowly making my way through the store, I hear this horrific screaming.  I try to ignore the screams, but they grew closer as I made my way to the produce.  


The origin of the screams became clear as a young Mother of two pushed her cart out of the sauce and pasta isle.  The screams were deafening now.  This young Mother is pushing a cart filled with food.  One of her children is sitting in the booster seat of the grocery cart.  The second child is clinging to the cart as she pushed it along. The screaming is coming from a girl in a pink princess outfit.  The little blonde princess is clinging to the cart as her legs drag across the ground.  I am thinking she makes a better noise maker than an anchor, as her Mother continues to shop and push the cart as the child is drug along the floor.  


The young Mother briefly locks eyes with me. I smile as she passes.  She musters an embarrassed half grin and passes me.  I wonder to myself what would make this child scream like that.  


As she made her way to the breakfast food isle the screams grew quieter. I shop for produce to the faint sound of the Blonde Princess.  Every now and then I hear a faint "I HATE YOU." and "AHHHHHH!"


As I finish up my list I get in line and get ready to pay.  The groceries sure were spendy.   I pay for my $135 worth of items.  As I leave I see the Princess in line.  She has stopped screaming and crying now.  She must have wore herself out from the earlier performance.


The end.

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