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Menu for this week?


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I am in the cooking mood again.


crusty bread made with almond flour, white flour and flax seeds

Chicken skewers - marinate with yogurt, onion, serrano chili, garlic, turmeric, lime and salt.

yogurt dip with cucumber, mint and lime

Ginger carrots with orange juice sauce.

Lamb meatballs with cumin, coriander,pepper,cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric and salt and one egg to bind

lamb ball chutney - yogurt, serrano chili, cinantro, mint, onion, ginger and lemon.

rock cod - baked with dill,lemon and some butter

cous cous- cooked in chicken broth with parsley, pine nuts, and parm

spaghetti squash with marinara sauce

cranberry chutney - cranberries ground with one half a lemon, one orange, one apple and sugar to taste

Broccoli with sliced almonds



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On Saturday I made crawfish etouffe, baked rice, biscuits and crabcakes.  Sunday I baked chicken wings in soy sauce, sherry, honey and oil until the sauce caramelized on the wings. Stirfried chicken breast with green peppers and snowpeas.


Christmas morning I'm making pecan sticky buns.  My son and his cousin are cooking Christmas dinner.  My son liked the etouffe so much he's going to make that.  Robert (my nephew) bought a honey-baked ham.  They asked me to make cloverleaf rolls.

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