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Our CX5 started having a bearing noise a couple months ago. It was coming from the driver’s side. WoW agreed with me on where the sound was. I replaced the driver’s outer wheel bearing. Noise still there. Well. Maybe it’s a CV joint. Replaced the half shaft. Still there. Talked to my mechanic brother. He said he replaced several inner bearings in the transmission. Said you really need a lift. I don’t. 
Took the car to a garage here in town who is highly recommended. He doesn’t do transmissions. Referred me to a transmission guy in Mesa. Called him and he wouldn’t look at it. Said Mazda’s transmission parts are often back ordered and he won’t deal with it. Whatever. Took it to a dealership with a good reputation. We had to wait for a few extra dollars after the holidays so the car sat for a few weeks. Glad I kept my Dakota during that time! 
Mechanic looked at it and immediately says PASSENGER wheel bearing! I was this close to replacing that myself but the sound didn’t seem anywhere near there. So the noise is gone. Cost me 4 times what it would have cost me to do it myself. 

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