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Hey...the last weekend in January starts early...


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"Hey...the last weekend in January starts early..."

I think it's called 12 am or "Midnight."

In all seriousness for me, it usually starts early if I don't have a medical, dental, or vision checkup on a Friday.  I try to schedule them Mon-Wed.

We've got a great Sat. and Sun. AM with rain in PM forecast.  I hope to get a little yardwork in plus a long walk with Jake.

We've got Fall-like weather forecast until February kicks-in, when people look at me as if I have a speech impediment when I pronounce the first "R" in February and then Feb. does what it's supposed to do, freezes us and makes us wish hard for Spring.



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 No real plans yet. Try to get a ride in, visit framily. Cook up something. I will sand the new door to the crawl space to prepare for staining. Currently, the crawl space opening (31x31) is closed by a piece of plywood secured by four screws into the wood frame. That’s inconvenient and looks horrible. 


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Taking tomorrow afternoon off to take my Mom to her neurologist appointment. Then getting some dinner with her because we won’t be back in time for 5:15 dinner at assisted living. 
Saturday getting the car serviced. Cold and wintry period coming, but no big storms predicted for the next week. 

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