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Do you have a nemesis?


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NEMESIS was the goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. She was a personification of the resentment aroused in men by those who commited crimes with apparent impunity, or who had inordinate good fortune.
Nemesis directed human affairs in such a way as to maintain equilibrium. Her name means she who distributes or deals out. Happiness and unhappiness were measured out by her, care being taken that happiness was not too frequent or too excessive.

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Ron Lombardo or Lombardi. He played Defense for Northern Illinois University Lacrosse. I played him 3 times and couldn’t score on him. He was way bigger than me, but I still got some good licks on him. My college newspaper had a picture of me knocking him over, but I couldn’t score. Not sure if it was him, but one cold game someone on his team hit me in the nipple and all game I kept checking to see if it was still there. 

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I've had pains in the ass but no true nemesis.

Remember Stillwell Gardner, the kid of one of the women ballplayers in "A League of Their Own" who would always chant, "You're gonna lose. You're gonna lose."

We had a guy named Robert in high school who, during morning announcements, would always belittle the accomplishments of anyone mentioned.

"You only scored one point in the State Meet for running the mile in 4:45? They give points for fifth place? I could do that without training!"

Of course he never accomplished anything himself.  It's amazing one of us didn't beat him to death.

He drowned when we were about 27.  I don't think anyone from high school went to his funeral except his sister Cindy.


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