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Two Birds With One Stone

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Tuesday (24th) was my young niece's birthday. Friday (27th) is her older sister's 16th birthday.  We had plans to go for dinner and cake on Tues to celebrate the young one's birthday, and then go tomorrow for the older one's birthday.

Monday, my wife was chatting with her sister, and she said she wasn't feeling great.  We checked in on Tuesday morning, she sounded worse, and was going to take a COVID test later.  We cancelled the meet-up and did a FaceTime happy birthday with my niece and said we'd see her soon to give her her gifts and card.  Wednesday - COVID positive for SiL and BiL (just getting over hip replacement surgery). Today, soon-to-be 16yr old niece tested positive. :frantics:  Only one person left still feeling okay is the oldest niece who is trying to stay clear of the rest of them so she can continue working and going to classes.  Another niece got off to college on Monday, so jury is out on whether she got COVID before heading back to RI.

We'll probably end up doing a drive by to drop stuff for their birthdays :(

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