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3 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Did the family want the profit from selling the condo?

They won't get anything...given they have not been making their monthly payment...that comes out of the sale...and the county gets anything leftover...it will be marketed at 129,000..but the mortgage that the Cooperative holds is deducted from the price...so...let's say there is a 48,000 mortgage  that means the buyer pays $81,000 ...

All numbers in this example are fictional :D...but the process is true.

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On 1/27/2023 at 9:44 AM, MoseySusan said:

Well…it’s not a Garmin, but ok. 

I'd hold off on a new Garmin, or get the only one that currently offers an ECG.  It just got cleared as a medical device by the FDA.  I imagine all their new devices will have it.

I look forward to when the new Epix comes out, hopefully this year.  The current one does almost everything my Fenix does, but has an amazing screen, and is a touchscreen that you can turn off the touch part while doing an activity.  That touch part is important to turn off as the earlier versions had complaints of activities being stopped by accidental touches.

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Just now, Longjohn said:

I have been taking Esther’s treasures down to the “free table” at Judie’s apartment building. So far everything has been taken the same day. It’s better than just throwing it away in the trash.

Yup...unfortunately the family didn't do that...and our free bench has limits to what (no food, furniture or clothing)..and how much...you could not empty a hoarders apartment to the free bench in 1 day...but we have folks who bring things down...a little at a time.

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2 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

you could not empty a hoarders apartment to the free bench in 1 day...but we have folks who bring things down...a little at a time

I try to bring a box of stuff down every week. There are a lot of recent immigrants living in the building and I would guess they don’t have much stuff. It goes really quick. 

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I tend to hoard certain types of food and stuff in higher volumes to tide me over during snowy, non-cycling seasons. But I think I've gone overboard now:  lots of light pasta noodles (only certain types I eat), Dove soap, dishwasher pods.. :whistle:

And now having 5 unopened bottles of wine -red, white.  I don't want to get another botte of wine as gift anymore. 

On 1/27/2023 at 9:19 AM, Kirby said:

I've helped clean out homes for a number of relatives and there are always things that were clearly so valued by the individuals but that other people will toss right into the dumpster.  The little manifestations of a life that don't have significance for others.

But I hope your resident's treasures brought her joy and nice memories during her life.

That is the most important thing of all. Which also is a lesson to us, still alive, not to overbuy all kinds of stuff.

Here I was giving away dearie's clothing ....I bought for him (alot) which he did happily wear frequently. And in many photos.  He took good care of clothing he wore.

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While I hope we have my mom for a while longer, when she does pass, I hope it is peacefully in the house she shares with her sister. There is a lot of stuff she keeps that has very little value to us, but might to our aunt. 

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