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Andrew went home...


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One of my relatives says I get tests or go to the doctor as soon as I have a problem.  I told her that's because of previous years of suffering from bad sinuses, a bad ankle, etc. when I toughed it out and it only resulted in having to have a more serious cure than what would have been initially required.

Last night, I watched an episode of "Swamp People" on the History Channel where people, mostly in teams of two, were catching 7' to 12' long Burmese Pythons for bounty money in the Florida Everglades - with their bare hands.  I guess Florida wants to see they're really alive and not recycled dead ones.

One of the guys had been in an accident the year before, spent weeks in a hospital to save his leg, and now it's hurting him big time.  Even though doctor's saved his leg, he says, "I don't want to see no doctor," and gets a Native American healer to help him.  She rubs some kind of natural balm on his leg and he says he immediately feels much better.

Then he goes off in the swamp to catch snakes alone - increasing his chances of getting bit, repeating over and over, "One step at a time," and keeps complaining that the leg hurts with every step.

One wonders why the people filming the show don't talk sense into him.  Maybe they tried.  It's almost like he's willing himself to death.

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