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People of Walmart

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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A Walmart cashier took money out of her own pocket to help a elderly man who couldn't afford his groceries.


Jenny Karpen, who works at a Walmart in upstate New York, explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning that an elderly customer was short on his bill at the checkout line and had no money left in his wallet.


She saw he was in need, so she took $40 out of her own pocket and slipped it in with his money, so he could pay for his groceries.


The man left without knowing what happened.


The next man in line, however, did notice and offered to reimburse Karpen $40 for her good deed.

She declined, since it's against Walmart policy to take money from customers, and didn't think anything more of it until the story was covered on the news.


She was surprised by all the attention her kind act generated. "To me, it's something that's done every day. It's not such a big deal to me," Karpen said.


"I would like for people to open up their heart and just to give every day, just to think about somebody else besides themselves every day. And not just over the holidays, but throughout the year. Just have an open heart."




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A mom & her two daughters were next to me in the self checkout lane yesterday.


One of the daughters says "Hey mom look, somebody forgot their change".


It was 4 or five bills, the topmost was a $20. Without hesitation she told her daughter to take it to the attendant, and without hesitation or comment the daughter did.


2Far turns to the mom, & quietly says, "Good job, mom." Mom smiles & says, "We don't keep anything which doesn't belong to us."

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