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RandomGuy how's the job? New gal treating you right?


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Yes this is a makeup thread.  But it doesn't seem that long ago when you were unemployed.  But then you got a job -- I forget which --- and then you landed a babe.  It's so strange how those two are correlated!  Still, I don't think we've had a thread dedicated to your overall well being and shannanigans for some time. I mean not even an RO thread!  WTF?

How goes it??  How's the job?  Please update us on RO. Tell us about the chick.

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13 hours ago, Parsnip Totin Jack said:

Job first, women second. Women in NYC won’t date a guy with no employment. He got a job, got a dame, and she keeps him busy. He’s posting here so I take that as a sign he’s happy. 


I thought all guys in NYC were making a quarter mil a year:dontknow:

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