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Any other suggestions?


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So this little ice tree sits at the end of my hallway..and it has for a good 7 years and it was my only tree the year I went to South Africa....all my trees are on timers and run usually 5 PM to 10:30 PM except for Christmas, New Years...and if I have one...my holiday party...


My problem is...this tree has at least 6 light out...I will try to pull the bulb and do surgery on the little piece that holds the light and replace the bulbs...but it will be tricky the lights are glued to this tree....If that option doesn't work...I am not sure what to do.... :(   I am fond of my little gold ice tree.

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If you are really, really fond of the tree then I'd suggest getting a string of lights to replace the ones glued to the tree.  Put the new string of lights on the tree, matching the location of the lights to the existing ones.  If you're retentive like an engineer would be, then take the old lights off.  If you're an ordinary normal person, you could leave the old light string on - just don't plug it in - and likely nobody would notice anyway.

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