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haven't been around in awhile


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Figured since I haven't been around in awhile I'd stick my nose in.  


Bunch of therapy stuff since i was here last, my PT decided that I'd enjoy pedaling more than walking so he dug a spin bike out from somewhere, pretty cool.  MRI last week, not great news.  The whole-brain radiation treatments I did for three weeks didn't do anything to the tumors that were there in addition to the big one they had to take out, good news is that nothing's growing back where there 6 cm monster was.  Problem is the other 5 are still there and the one in my brain stem went from .7 cm to 1.26.  We don't know if they grew between the MRI in PHX or if the treatment was just not effective.


Gamma knife treatment hopefully this week to zap the individual ones, after that if it doesn't work, it's basically hospice.  All that depressingness  aside, been hitting the treadmill at home, doing some work on my arm/hand, working with speech & OT to get function back, can drive now, and since I'm not really symptomatic except for some endurance/fatigue issues since I don't sleep enough apparently, that are passing, I'm going back to work on light duty in January, just restricted to Utah and our sales meeting in Fl starting the 18th, then back to (hopefully) full swing in Feb--which means I'll get to come down and pester uglybob et al. 


Just because this news wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear doesn't mean I'm giving up.  The docs in PHX good as they were, didn't think I'd see Christmas, so phooey on them.  I've got stuff growing in my head, so what. I just need to HTFU and live a few more years.


Sorry about the half posts, been hitting wrong keys, not typing much recently.

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:) Glad you stopped in.


:) Glad your still around


:( Sad the news isn't better.



Good to hear from you, not so good on the news. Hang in there. We're all pulling for you.

Thanks guys, but "I feel happy! Think I'll go for a walk!"

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