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Really?  I have been misled?


What makes you say they aren't hot?

They aren't any hotter than any other ethnic or racial group.  They do things that make themselves appear to be desirable so that rich Westerners will arrange to have them rescued from that hell-hole that is Russia.

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I doubt it - she seems to have just sort of quit cold turkey.  So did SOB, but it is Ed Zachary his MO to do a quick drive-by insult. :)


I really miss them both.  I think they had just the right "fire in the belly" to keep the forum going.  A shame they flamed out.

You're probably right.  FSOG or someone just like him.

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Nah, "trolling" is when I provide the material and you take it and do funny and witty things with it. All I got was a bunch of 3rd grade name-calling.


This is FSOG, my guess.  I would put odds at about 90%.



You must stay and troll until everyone gets it right.

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I'll never get it right, plus who is FSOG?


FSOG is from the old place, but had been getting increasingly disgusted by everything happening there.  He told great stories, and made great beer and food, and, as far as I know, never made love to his dogs.


He stopped in briefly when this place opened up, but he had been out of the forum world for so long that he decided to stay away.

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