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retro cool in a strange way.  Sort of like why BMW 2002s are cool.


Are they clipless compatible?


They are, but I will not add cleats.  I have flat style pedals on the fat boy.  They have screws to grab the bottom of your shoe.  Wicked knarly pedals.  I have trouble with the cleats in deep snow.  Flats seem to work best for me.


there is no snow in the picture... why you bitching about snow?


Stock picture from the interwebs.   :P

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You are a damn liar.  I do give pics and then they haunt me forever.  Like that 'kini pic from Grenada.  AHHHHHH!  

Hey now.... I never gave you crap about that pic, or even remember seeing it... 


I do remember seeing a few chicken pictures, but nothing else that we asked for :) (forgotten undies/sexy shoes/whatever else we wanted) 

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