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If you were going to get a Fender, what Fender would you get?

Mr. Silly

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A Stratocaster is on my "someday" wish list - an American Standard would be sweet but part of me thinks I'll never spend that much on a guitar.  So I could see myself going with either the new Classic Vibe series, or one of the mid-80s MIJ "E-series" guitars - they come around fairly often on Craigslist.  I already have a MIM Tele, but in 15+ years I've never really "bonded" with that guitar.


For a new Strat - I'd just go with some dark solid color (maroon?  navy blue?) and a white pickguard, maple neck.


I have the Les Paul too, and that figures to remain my #1.

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I had a Strat.  It was awfully nice.  It was a pro tone edition.  Locking tuners, floyd rose system, played hella nice.  Much more guitar than I will ever need.  I had EMG pickups added. 

I've got a Tele clone my brother built for me as well as an LP clone and a standard Strat (SSS) clone. I'm putting the finishing touches on a SuperStrat (HSS) clone right now.

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