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Wish me well, Im on the way to the store to buy Qtips


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There is a difference in brands and quality. I don't really know the one I'm looking for but the smaller head is best for jamming into your ears.

q tips is a brand.  If you buy something else, you're not buying q tips.  Don't stick generic in your ear.

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Look how painful Q-Tips can be! Get the earwax sucker.



This movie has so much win, it is hard to pick out the best parts.  I totally bought into the passion the male lead brings to the pain scene, which sets up the drama and ultimate resolution, and the doctor is totally believable in his role as a concerned mentor to the younger generations.  I really wanted to rub myself against the female lead, her wholesome sex appeal carried a certain continuity that is hard to maintain through a feature film.  The children brought a familial concern, and this was well handled (and we all know how tough it is to get good child talent to perform in a big project like this).


Two thumbs up, bravo!

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Greenville county donates my tp.

I usually choose green as it coordinates with my bath.

so you admit you are guilty of white collar crime...stealing from the government.


and dont use qtips, use your car keys

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