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A Second World Problem...


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In the first world, folks got central heat


here in the second world, we burn wood to keep warm


so I started my fire and came in here and read a few threads made a post or two....started smelling the maple wood burning...smelled kinda nice


Then I went back out in the front room and the house was filling up with smoke!


Sometimes, when its not real, real cold the wood smoke stays down before the air in the chimney starts to rise. If your fire didn't start right up and smoldered a little, well...


when that happens, the smoke will come out the front air inlets of the stove and fills up the house!


if you're paying attention, its not a big problem. Wad up some newspaper and chuck it in and get some more heat in there and off you go


but if you're posting, well, the house fills up with smoke! :o


so now the fire is going good, all the windows and the front door are wide open, I got the fans in the windows venting the smoke out, so we'll be alright in a little while


country living...hey, it beats snakes in the house! :D

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Abraham Lincoln would have been proud of you, posting on the Internet by firelight. :)

yep, I knew the writing was on the wall when they brought broadband out here


I'm like the Amish, except I ain't got my own TV show

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