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Gonna make a Walgreens run...


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Home again, Home Again Jiggity Jig.....


So...talked to the pharmacist and am taking walgreens "Nyquil" and will continue with the musinex....I did not get the daytime version...so I may nod off at any moment... :whistle:    Got me some juice and some Ricola in Cherry Honey...I should be good  for a few more days....some nice little ol lady let me go in front of her in line !!  The I did McDonalds drive  thru (Jason on the LF would be so proud)...LOL I don't think the drive thru person was operating both windows....3 or 4 of us went thru the second window and horns started to blare...I saw the other window guy drive up behind me and give his order at the "pay" window...


Not one person commented on my unwashed (babuska covered) hair....


John Wayne is on TV....so I may try sleeping on the .......sofa.

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