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Who will Mr Administrator ban first, in 2015?


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I have a person in mind. A certain someone here, will stop taking his medication. It will all run down hill from there.

I won't mention whom. Passive aggressive is my style.



I like that passive aggressive style.  That's how I roll.

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i'll remember you said this.

Btw, why do I have 2 warning points? Am I on permenant double secret probation?


You can sell your warning points or even trade them.  TheKrazyOne will give you 2 potatoe points for each warning point.

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I just wondered which one of you limp dicks complained to SW enough to get him to give me warning points.


I don't act on other peoples complaints. 


I can attest to this being an accurate statement by SW.  As one renowned for my big limp dick, I can tell tell you that SW completely ignores everything that I say.   :(


OTH, I'm not sure how he responds to people that have a hard dick.   :scratch head:

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