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Well Yesterday was a Pretty Miserable PITA


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My back is back.  Back pain that is.  Seems to come and go.  My thought is that it gets better and I probably go after too much activity a little too quickly.  But anyways on to the point of this story.


Doc has me on a big gun anti-inflammatory.  My god it tears my stomach up.  So yesterday my low back was jacked, every time I got up to stretch it my belly would cramp.  Every time my belly would cramp I would have diarrhea.  Every time I had diarrhea my ass got raw from wiping.  Today I have decided that the pain in the ass from the NSAID is not woth it. 


So since yesterday I had a pain in the back and a pain in the ass I have decided that today I shall just have a pain in the back and not take the nsaid. 


My ass already feels better, my belly already feels better and I am going downstairs to do some Yoga and hopefully my back will be better.


I am sick of not riding my bike.

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I have constant back pain these days.  I have scoliosis, a ruptured disc and arthritis in my back.  


I get by fairly well just using OTC NSAIDs such as Advil.  The high octane stuff that the doctors gave me was just Advil X2, 400 mg per pill vice 200.  Have you tried taking just two or three Advils instead of the prescription NSAID?

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